Podcast with Margaret of Don’t Call It Bollywood!


How we met through her masters thesis project, and how we both started watching Indian films!

6 thoughts on “Podcast with Margaret of Don’t Call It Bollywood!

  1. Niki May 26, 2017 / 4:58 am

    Sorry your first Mahesh experience in the theater ended up being Brahmotsavam, I didn’t get what was going on either 🙂 . Apparently the director, Srikanth Addala, was in financial troubles and Mahesh liked the one-liner that he was told so he okayed the project before a bound script was completed. Plus they worked together on Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu which was a success (and a pretty good movie) so Mahesh trusted Srikanth Addala to come up with a good product again. Mahesh has this habit of blindly trusting directors that he’s worked with before. For example, he okayed Businessman just by hearing his own character’s characterization. Puri Jagannadh, the director of Businessman and Pokiri, narrated Mahesh the actual script of the movie about 10 days after they began shooting. I guess because Businessman worked, Mahesh had the confidence that Brahmotsavam would work as well. Also another problem I heard is that they shot about 4 hours of the movie and they had to cut a lot out to bring the run time down.


    • moviemavengal May 26, 2017 / 5:00 am

      That’s about what I figured had happened. Since they’d had the other hit, Mahesh trusted the director and the script just didn’t have the goods


  2. Niki May 27, 2017 / 4:44 pm

    I saw Rarandoi Veduka Chudham last night and I thought it was a decent family entertainer that’s along the lines of Nagarjuna’s Ninne Pelladatha. Naga Chaitanya acted really well and Rakul Preet Singh did well enough though her character was annoying at times. Though I liked Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo and Premam (Telugu) more than this one, I think it was still worth watching this movie in the theater (especially if you like Naga Chaitanya). If you have a chance, check it out 🙂


    • moviemavengal May 27, 2017 / 4:47 pm

      Niki, I had a chance to see it last night, and I’ll be posting a video review. I totally agree with everything you’ve said. Not as good as Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo and Premam. The last hour saved the film for me, but it took a long time to get there as the plot rambled around.


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