Tiger Zinda Hai – Trailer reaction and first song!

I’m so looking forward to Salman Khan’s big Christmas release where he reteams with Katrina Kaif in the sequel Tiger Zinda Hai.  This uses the same real life story as the Malayalam film Take Off (which i still need to see.)


This first song from the film is perfect for Salman, and Katrina gets to show off her moves.  The video was filmed on a Greek Island that is just stunningly gorgeous!  I’ve ben to Santorini, and the islands are really that jaw droppingly beautiful in person.



Merry Chrismukkah!

1aa624cb-214e-4320-8c38-186ce771c846.jpgI was a HUGE fan of the show The O.C. back in the day, not least because of the incredible music on the show.  The music supervisor for The O.C. was legendary in finding new cool bands to feature.  Thanks to The O.C. I learned about Imogen Heap, Spoon, Phantom Planet, and the list goes on.  I bought every one of the six soundtrack Mix albums.  But an all-time favorite is Mix #3, the Chrismukkah album.


Chrismukkah is the best holiday ever, and Seth Cohen of The O.C. gave a name to just what we do in my house.  My husband is Jewish, and I grew up Christian so we do both.  I sent many a Chrismukkah card after The O.C. episode that perfectly described our family’s combo celebration (Oh, Seth Cohen how I miss you!):


While we’ll always have the Wham! original, this is my favorite cover of Last Christmas by Jimmy Eat World:


This is my second favorite song from the Chrismukkah album. Maybe This Christmas by Ron Sexsmith:


Song of the Day – The Chieftains Wren in the Furze


For many, their favorite album of Christmas music is the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack, or maybe Barbra Striesand.  My favorite is The Chieftains Bells of Dublin album.  I actually had to buy it a second time because I wore it out.  I adore every track, and it’s a mix of collaborations with pop singers like Jackson Browne and full choral pieces.  This is one with just The Chieftains ensemble – a song I had never heard before this album, but it’s become a favorite.

This is another holiday favorite from this album:

Song of the Day – Evare/Malare from Premam

Ever since I watched the Telugu remake of the Malayalam blockbuster Premam, I have been playing the song Evare, and the original Malare over and over.  The sweeping melody and the lyrical voice of Vijay Yesudas in both versions just transport me into a place of peace.

The Malayalam song video I found has English subtitles.

Song of the Day – Daawat-e-Ishq


Daawat-e-Ishq (Feast of Love) is not the best movie, I’l admit, but I still adore this song.  I love the whole concept of this restaurant owner and chef winning over his prospective bride with a feast.  A feast of all his specialty dishes, and a promised feast of love.  One taste and she’s hooked.

This song came up on shuffle today and it never fails to bring a smile to my face.  I think Aidtya and Parineeti were very cute together.

“Qubool!”  Aditya, I accept!

This video has no subs, but you can find the lyrics and translation here on Bollymeaning. (My godsend site.)

I had an Indian/Pakistani buffet lunch today, ironically, and the waiter wouldn’t let me go until I tasted the rice pudding dessert sprinkled with pistachios.  He did not ask for my hand in marriage, but wanted compliments on the naan he made himself.  (OMG it was so good! I almost proposed myself.)

Song of the Day – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Cannot stop listening to this song!  The minute the teaser trailer came out the song just transported me, and I wanted the whole thing NOW.  It’s out on Saavn.com and iTunes today, thank God.

I can only imagine how mind blowing the rest of the soundtrack will be.  Can’t count how many times I’ve seen the teaser trailer since midnight last night (when it was released, Chicago time).  October 28 is a long time to wait, and Shivaay comes out the same time!