Adam Joan – Prithviraj thriller in Scotland


Prithviraj is always great, but this thriller, Adam Joan (Prithviraj’s character’s name) is sometimes too slow paced.  It’s a debut director, Jinu Abraham, and could have used a better editor.

Why is Prithviraj doing to religious based thrillers in the same year?  When the little captive girl was revealed to be half-Jewish in the film, I actually smacked my forehead in the theater.  It’s not laughable as Ezra was, but really, a Satanic cult??!!!


This song from the film, EE Kaatttu, was my favorite.  It shows scenes of the romance, and especially the honeymoon tree house that I want to be in RIGHT NOW.  There is another song after the interval that brought the film to a screeching halt, just as the action had started to pick up the pace.

The slow pacing of the film, especially in the second half, is my main issue with the film.


One standout supporting actor was Narain, who I last saw playing with Prithviraj in Classmates.  One unusual thing, for an Indian film, is that the supporting characters playing the Scottish locals were all actually decent actors.  Often, the non-Indian actors seem like amateurs.  That was a refreshing change of pace.


One thought on “Adam Joan – Prithviraj thriller in Scotland

  1. Asmita Prasad September 22, 2017 / 4:46 pm

    Does he NOT look like he’s a stagnant kind of actor? Some of his films are very hard to stay connected to!


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