Notes and Links

I’m voraciously reading on the internet most of the day.  I’m starting a new feature today similar to the email newsletters I get, passing on to you what I find interesting and am reading.  David Carr of the NYT (who I miss like an amputated limb) once wrote an article about the new curated email newsletters that pass on all the funky articles and links these journalists find. I subscribe to several that he recommended.  These three newsletters are favorites:

Media Redef by Jason Hirshhorn

Ann Friedman Weekly

Plus, there’s all the weird twitter accounts I follow and retweet.  (Follow me here.)

Like @OldPicsArchive.  Such bizarre fun random things  Everything from this

to stuff like this:

How happy are we that Koffee With Karan is back?!  I finally was able to sit down and watch the full episode, and it was a doozy.  I didn’t think I’d love Alia and SRK together so much, but the best part may be Karan’s new addition from Ellen – having them act as each other, and act reading random things.  SRK pretending he’s orgasming to a butter chicken recipe!!  (I’ll never eat butter chicken the same again.) But the best thing about Koffee With Karan being back?  New GIF’s from KoffeeWithKjo!  Seriously, you must follow her on tumblr.




What I’m Reading:


A memorial service for a tree in my neighborhood. Olivia De Havilland turns 100 and calls her sister Joan Fontaine “Dragon Lady”.  The overlooked story of Diwali. Sixty years of Malayalam film history. What I’m buying my son for Hanukkah.  “He just dropped a bucket of blood on her.” (Carrie’s Prom Scene, an oral history).  This ghost on Broadway talks to a friend of mine through flashing lights (she conducts Aladdin). 120 years of cinema, the supercut.  Giraffes Humming. Mila Kunis – “You’ll Never Work In This Town Again” or maybe not.

Dance goals:


Women have always been amazing:

We’re still celebrating that Cubs win:


And I leave you with this: