Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo – Very Satisfying Romance Thriller with an excellent Naga Chaityanya

saahasam-swaasaga-saagipo-movie-ratingOne of my followers suggested I try to catch Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo (Live Adventurously) with Naga Chaitanya in theaters this week, after he read my Premam review.  I’m so thankful T.J. told me about it before it was gone!  It’s the start of the hectic holiday season here, and I did not even realize Naga had a new film in theaters.  I caught the ONE showtime it played today, and it was pretty darn good.  Guarav Menon filmed it concurrently in Tamil with another lead actor, but the same lead actress.

I LOVE the film allusions right in the dialogue itself.  First there’s a title card that says “Inspired by a scene in The Godfather“.  It has been a loooooong time since I saw The Godfather, so I had to look it up when I got home.  It was the hospital scene.  That is key to the action second half.

Another interesting thing is that the hero’s name is never revealed until the very end of the film, and it has a dramatic punch when it is revealed — And a touch of humor to it.  The heroine doesn’t even know his name until almost the end.  She jokingly puts his number in her phone under “Unknown”.

The first half is swoony innocent romance and the second half action thriller.  Sort of like how Kali had two very different moods to the two halves of the film, but here the romance is almost Premam level innocent and sweet.

There’s a prologue where we see a man and woman attacked in their home, and then we see our hero beat up 6 guys who had been harassing his sister.  “Stalking like that is so 80’s!”

He sees them approach backlit and there’s overlay voiceover that had me chuckling.

“Four men suddenly appeared approaching me like in a Mani Ratnam film so I knew I was in trouble.”  LOL!  He dispatches them easily and comments on how it was his first taste of violence.

Then the friend of his sister, Leela, moves into their family house for a few weeks, and they shyly say not much more than “Hi” to each other for awhile, and then gradually, sweetly become friends.  Naga finished with school and wants to travel before settling down, and plots to hit the road on his motorcycle with a friend “His girlfriend probably won’t let him go.”

Leela unexpectedly shows up when he’s leaving and asks to go with him.  I LOVED this.  That she asks to just be one of the guys and share the adventure, not be his girlfriend/lover right away.  They have a wonderful trip to Kanyakumari, the southern most tip of Tamil Nadu to see the sunrise.  It was spectacular scenery of a place I’d never seen before.

Inline image 1

There is a really exceptional “I’m a good decent boy” moment in the romance.  For money’s sake, they book a hotel room in Kanyakumari with two twin beds.  When it’s her turn to shower, he offers to leave the hotel room so she’ll be more comfortable.saahasam-swaasaga-saagipo-movie-stills-05

THEN the whole movie turns on a dime into a thriller. They should part, as she is due home in Maharashtra, and he offers to take her all the way home.  Their trip has been a secret from everyone.  Neither family knows they are together.

There’s a road accident, and then The Godfather moment comes.  It was her parents that were attacked in the beginning, and our hero rises to the occasion to protect Leela and her family.  The cops are corrupt, and there’s one particular bad cop that is their nemesis.  The action is pretty gripping and I didn’t know what was going to happen from one scene to the next.  Not quite the unbearable tension of Kali, but pretty darn good.

The final resolution ending is SO satisfying as only South Indian films can be.  They’re so violent, but there’s just a YEAH!! moment when the villain is vanquished and the hero is triumphant.

The lead actress, Manjima Mohan, was okay, but I am continually impressed by our boy Akkineni Naga Chaitanya.  Innocent romance he excels at, and he was very, very convincing as an everyman who rises to the occasion in the action sequences.  He was very good in the fight scenes.  I think the cinematographer was non-Indian, maybe from Hollywood because it was more of a Hollywood close camera work kind of style in the fist fights.

The music is A R Rahman which is always good, but it didn’t blow me away like Mental Manadhil from O K Kanmani.  I did really like this haunting love song which in the film is intercut with the road accident, which was a really interesting editing choice.  This slow passionate song –

So, T.J.  thank YOU for giving me another reason to be thankful this week of American Thanksgiving!

On a shallow note, I was also thankful that Menon gave us a few Naga shirtless scenes (he’s been working out!) and this particular shot.  😉



7 thoughts on “Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo – Very Satisfying Romance Thriller with an excellent Naga Chaityanya

  1. fgtu November 23, 2016 / 12:43 pm

    should have watched the tamil version…hero is much better than this guy


    • moviemavengal November 23, 2016 / 4:31 pm

      I don’t think the Tamil version was playing five minutes from my house like this one was. Theaters here are giving more screens to Fantastic Beasts and the Thanksgiving movies come out on Wednesday to capture the holiday audience for the five day weekend. Which doesn’t leave lots of room for Indian films. I know Naga Chaitanya, and not the other Tamil Actor. Naga was the draw for me and I was left happy. YMMV.


  2. T.J Stevens November 23, 2016 / 4:40 pm

    I’m so glad you loved the movie! I love Ye Maaya Chesave (“What magic have you done?”) which was the first time Naga Chaitanya worked with Gautham Menon, so I found the first half of the movie a little underwhelming until Vellipomaakey shows up. I think its partly because I didn’t really like Manjima Mohan, she just doesn’t have that special charm. I loved the movie from the point of the accident though!

    Simbu, who acted in the Tamil version, is older and he’s not as fit as Naga Chaitanya so by looking at the trailers, I feel that Simbu didn’t suit the character at all.

    You’re right, the cinematographer is an Australian. And by the way, today is Naga Chaitanya’s birthday!

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  3. moviemavengal November 23, 2016 / 4:48 pm

    T.J. I’m so glad you told me about this movie!! I think this is my first Gautham Menon movie, and I will definitely look for Ye Maaye Chesave now. I totally agree with you about Manjima Mohan. She just did not have a sparkle or charm to her. Once the action half started that wasn’t as glaring and I could just enjoy the rollercoaster ride.

    What other Naga Chaitanya movies would you recommend?


    • T.J Stevens November 23, 2016 / 6:44 pm

      Ye Maaya Chesave was Naga Chaitanya’s second movie and Samantha’s first movie so both of them were still kind of raw. But they had great chemistry together!

      I also like 100% Love starring Naga Chaitanya and Tammanaah. It’s a rom com where he plays an egoistic person.

      There is a Tadakha which is an action movie and Oka Laila Kosam which is another love story. Both of these are more like one time watches.

      Liked by 1 person

      • moviemavengal November 26, 2016 / 2:42 am

        Thanks, TJ for the run down on Naga’s movies!


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