New Years Notes

Tom Hardy reads a bedtime story with a sleeping dog in his lap.  You’re welcome.



How Deadpool Saved Ryan Reynolds.  Rogue One Editors talk about reshoots and added scenes.  Mark Hamill tribute to Carrie Fisher.  Must listen interview with Carrie Fisher on Fresh Air.  Scorsese worries cinema is gone.  Being the “no” woman at work.  Ellen Barry on young Indian women chasing big-city dreams.

I’m obsessed with Billy on the Street.  Super interesting Fresh Air interview with him.



3 thoughts on “New Years Notes

  1. Ryan C. January 6, 2017 / 6:59 am

    That Scorsese article is very interesting. I’m a huge fan of his work (and have been since I watched Taxi Driver when I was way too young)! He was one of the first ‘directors’ that I consciously made note of and followed. I felt really sad when I read this article at first. It paints a pretty bleak picture.

    My mind kept going back to the $46 million dollar budget for his “meditative”, reflective and deeply personal film The Silence. The article states that everyone worked for scale. Where in the heck did all that money go? That is a lot- even by today’s standards. It looks like a difficult film, tonally and thematically, and will be a tough sell to audiences. It’s a religious period piece that will have chunks of foreign dialogue (I never realized until recently, but apparently a lot of people can’t stand reading subtitles)! I can’t say that I’m surprised he had trouble finding that much studio money for such an adaptation.

    I remember reading that the Marathi movie Sairat was made for the equivalent of $590,000 US. And it was one of the best films I have watched in the last decade. It was such a beautiful piece of cinema- a fresh, innovative, performance-driven masterpiece. It is a film that made me remember why I fell in love with movies as a kid. Scorsese could probably take some notes. It’s been awhile since one of his movies made me feel that way! I can’t discount all of the incredible films that he has made and, perhaps more importantly, all of the restoration and film preservation work that he has devoted his life to.


    • moviemavengal January 6, 2017 / 7:08 am

      I also found the Scorsese article depressing, but he does give a ray of hope with how accessible it is for young people to make films now with how cheap equipment is. Heck, the Sundance festival film Tangerine was filmed on an iPhone.

      From the trailers I’ve seen of Silence, I imagine the cost came in costumes and the location logistics. I admit, the story doesn’t grip me, but I’ll likely see it anyway, if nothing else for Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver acting together.


      • Ryan C. January 6, 2017 / 3:24 pm

        I’ll have to watch Tangerine. I read about it and saw a few interviews with the director awhile ago. It’s been on my Netflix list since it appeared. That was the main thing that excited me about the so-called ‘Mumblecore’ movement (I really don’t like that label). Although the movies weren’t perfect, it was commendable. These young people were writing deeply personal screenplays, grabbing a camera and a group of friends, and actually making movies! It was exhilarating and excited me more than most Hollywood films had in a long time. Some were better than others and those filmmakers have actually carved out nice careers for themselves (the Duplass brothers, Lynn Shelton, Joe Swanberg, Lena Dunham, Barry Jenkins, etc)

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